John Carlill, British admiral, Died at 90

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Rear Admiral John Hildred Carlill, October 24, 1925, and died on November 10, 2015.

He was a Royal Navy officer who became President of the Royal Naval College, Greenwich.

Educated at the Royal Naval College, Dartmouth, John joined the Royal Navy in 1939 and served in World War II in the cruiser HMS Mauritius.

John became Secretary to the Flag Officer Naval Air Command, Director of Naval Manning and Training at the Ministry of Defence and then Secretary to the Second Sea Lord.

He went on to be President of the Admiralty Inverview Board before becoming Commodore commanding the shore establishment HMS Drake in 1977 and then Admiral President of the Royal Naval College, Greenwich in 1980 before retiring in 1982.

In retirement, John became Secretary of the Engineering Council.

John passed away at age 90 on 10 November 2015.