John Bossy, British historian, Died at 82

John Bossy was born on April 3, 1933, and passed away on October 23, 2015.

He was a British historian who was for many years a Professor of History at the University of York.

John was educated at Cambridge University.

He lived and lectured in London and Belfast and was a member of the Institute for Advanced Study at Princeton.

John specialised in the history of religion, particularly in that of Christianity during the Reformation period and beyond.

According to some commentators, his approach fused together elements of disciplines such as sociology and theology.

His Ph.D. thesis was written on the relations between French and English Catholics during the period of the Renaissance, which contained within it the seeds of later work regarding Michel de Castelnau.

He frequently wrote for the London Review of Books and published a series of brilliant articles in the Journal Past and Present.

The Embassy Affair won the British Crime Writers Association gold dagger for non-fiction in 1991.

He moved to the University of York in 1979.

John passed away at age 82 in October 2015.