Joe Maiden, British horticulturist , died at 74

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Joe Maiden, died on September 17, 2015 of prostate cancer, he was a well known gardener, horticulturist, author and BBC Radio presenter based in Huby, Yorkshire in the United Kingdom.

Brought up in Penrith in Cumbria he was educated at Askham Bryan College.

A professional horticulturist over a period spanning 40 years, Joe appeared on numerous gardening programmes for the BBC and Yorkshire Television and was awarded the Harlow Carr medal by The Royal Horticultural Society for his first class growing, lecturing and exhibitions of vegetables.

He was a real ‘dirt under the fingertips’ gardener, famed for his no-nonsense non-technical approach and his inexhaustible fund of tips and techniques conveyed in a clear understanding manner.

Joe work has been published in a number of audio visual presentations and these can be readily found on DVD.

Thanks to his coupling with the long-standing BBC Radio Leeds presenter Tim Crowther, Joe Maiden was known throughout the North of England and was much beloved by his and Tim’s regular Sunday morning audiences (BBC Radio Leeds, Sundays, 9am – noon), where the two found a light-hearted but informative presentation style that delivers the station’s weekly peak audience.

Joe was a National Vegetable Society judge and fellow of the society, as well as being a committee member of the Leeds Horticultural Society.

Joe Maiden died on 17 September 2015 of prostate cancer.