Jocelyn Tienstra, Dutch handball player, Died at 45

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Jocelyn Tienstra died on December 8, 2015.

Jocelyn Tienstra is a representation of many of the best players in Europe, traces the difficult economic situation in the European handball.

Jocelyn Tienstra is part of the coaching staff of the Netherlands, is responsible for the preparation of the Dutch goalkeeper.

She analyzes the potential of our continent leagues and peers an uncertain future.

She had stress that the upside is the possibility minutes with younger balonmanistas due to the crisis

Many Dutch balonmanistas compete in the top leagues in Europe-mostly in Germany,for example, Nycke Groot (DIN), Lois Abbingh, Dannick Snelder or Laura Van der Heijden (ALE).

Tienstra allegedly said, the highest level of this generation can be seen in the next Olympic cycle having its heyday in the 2016 Olympics in Brazil.

Tienstra performance in handball has put the Dutch country on the map.

Jocelyn has enhanced the future that is presented to a young and talented evolving alike.

Jocelyn Tienstra passed away at 45 yrs old.