Jimmy Massey, racing car driver, died at 85

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Dead. Jimmy Massey, born on December 1, 1929 and died August 21, 2015, he was a NASCAR Grand National driver who competed in 51 races (along with the 1955 Southern 500).

Out of these 51 races, there has been twelve finishes in the top-five and twenty-eight finishes in the top ten. Massey’s total career earnings was considered to be $14,974 ($113,863.45 when adjusted for inflation).

A grand total of 6,638.7 miles (10,684.0 km) and 9891 laps were achieved in his seven-year on-and-off NASCAR Grand National career.

By the end of the 1964 season, Jimmy ends up leading 33 laps and finishing one position better on average than he started. The majority of his races were down in Plymouth automobiles.

Massey’s best accomplishments were on restrictor plate tracks where he finished an average of 10th place while his poorest races were held on tri-oval intermediate tracks; where 27th place would become his average.

American racing car driver Jimmy Massey died on August 21, 2015 at age 85.