Jim Northrup, American Ojibwe writer, Died at 73

Jim Northrup was born on April 28, 1943, and died on August 1, 2016.

He was an Anishinaabe (Native American) newspaper columnist, poet, performer, and political commentator from the Fond du Lac Indian Reservation in Minnesota.

Jim’s Anishinaabe name was “Chibenashi” (from Chi-bineshiinh “Big little-bird”).

He wrote regular columns for the Fond du Lac Follies, was syndicated through several Native American papers, such as The Circle, The Native American Press and News From Indian Country, which won many awards and was known for a warm humour with a sharply political undertone.

He had told many stories through the perspective of his immediate family, most of whom, like he did, live a traditional Anishinaabe lifestyle and uses a folksy style to make points about United States-Native American interactions.

The Fond du Lac Follies was named Best Column at the 1999 Native American Journalists Association convention.

From 1990 to 1992, Jim worked as a roster artist for the COMPAS Writer in the Schools Program.

Himself and family, lived the traditional life of the Anishinaabe in northern Minnesota, on the Fond Du Lac reservation.

All year round, they practice the construction of making winnowing baskets and harvest wild rice and maple syrup.

And, his traditional lifestyle did not deter him from participating in events like the Taos Film Festival and the Taos Poetry Circus.

He died due to cancer.

Jim Northrup passed away at 73 years old.