Jim Harrison, American author and screenwriter, Died at 78

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James “Jim” Harrison was born on December 11, 1937, and died on March 26, 2016.

He was an American author known for his poetry, fiction, reviews, essays about the outdoors, and writings about food.

Jim was best known for his 1979 novella Legends of the Fall.

Jim Harrison has been called “a force of nature”, and his work has been compared to that of William Faulkner and Ernest Hemingway.

Jim Harrison habits tend to be rural by birth and to have retained some qualities of their agrarian pioneer heritage in spite of their intelligence and some formal education.

They attune themselves to both the natural and the civilized world, surrounded by excesses but determined to live their lives as well as possible.

Harrison’s work has appeared in many leading publications, such as The New Yorker, Esquire, Sports Illustrated, Rolling Stone, Outside, Playboy, Men’s Journal, and The New York Times Book Review.

Harrison has published several collections of novellas, two of which were eventually turned into films: Revenge (1990) and Legends of the Fall (1994).

Most of his writing were set in sparsely populated regions of North America and its West.

Nonetheless, some stories are set in places such as Nebraska’s Sand Hills, Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, Montana’s mountains, and along the Arizona-Mexico border.

He married Linda King, in 1959, with whom he had two daughters with.

Jim Harrison passed away at 78 yrs old.