Jerome Tuccille, American writer and activist, Died at 80

  Activist, Writer

Jerome Tuccille was born in 1937 and died on February 2017.

He was an American writer and activist usually associated with the libertarian movement of American politics.

He was referred to as “everybody’s favorite right-wing anarchist,” by one reviewer – “Tuccille was the Free Libertarian Party of New York’s 1974 gubernatorial candidate.

Tuccille garnered publicity by sending a blonde in a body suit riding through Central Park on a horse named Taxpayer.

Tuccille was the author of more than twenty books, including It Usually Begins With Ayn Rand (ISBN 978-0930073251).

Tuccille’s other books included the first biography of Donald Trump, as well as biographies of Rupert Murdoch, Alan Greenspan, and the Hunts of Texas.

He also wrote several novels and a memoir entitled HERETIC: Confessions of an ex-Catholic Rebel (ASIN B0038M3DF6).

Jerome Tuccille passed away at 80 years old.