Jenny Diski, English writer, Died at 68


Jenny Diski (née Simmonds) was July 8, 1947, and died on April 28, 2016.

She was an English writer.

Jenny Diski had a troubled childhood, but was rescued by the older novelist Doris Lessing; she lived in Lessing’s house for four years.

Jenny Diski was educated at University College London and worked as a teacher during the 1970s and early 1980s.

She was a regular contributor to the London Review of Books; the collections Don’t and A View from the Bed include articles and essays written for the publication.

Jenny won the 2003 Thomas Cook Travel Book Award for Stranger on a Train: Daydreaming and Smoking around America With Interruptions.

Diski married Roger Diski in 1976, and had a daughter Chloe was born in 1977; the couple separated in 1981 and divorced.

Ian Patterson was her partner, known as “the Poet” in Diski’s writings, is a translator and director of English Studies at Queens’ College, Cambridge.

Jenny Diski passed away at 68 yrs old.