Jay Lynch, American underground comics artist, writer and editor, Died at 72

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Jay Lynch was born on January 7, 1945, and died on March 5, 2017.

He was an American cartoonist.

Jay played a key role in the underground comix movement with his Bijou Funnies and other titles.

Lynch was best known for his comic strip Nard n’ Pat.

Lynch’s work is sometimes signed Jayzey Lynch.

He was the main writer for Bazooka Joe comics from 1967 to 1990; he has contributed to Mad, and in the 2000s has expanded into the children’s book field.

His wife Jane Lynch was an occasional contributor to comics in the early 1970s, including pieces she wrote for Arcade #3 (an interview with Bill Griffith’s character Zippy the Pinhead) and Skywald Publications’s Psycho #17 (a story called “The Lunatic Class Of ’64,” illustrated by Emilio Bernardo).

Jay Lynch passed away at 72 years old.