János Radványi, political scientist and diplomat, Died at 93


János Radványi (4 August 4, 1922, in Budapest – 11 January 11, 2016)
He was a Hungarian-born American diplomat, politician, political scientist and academic professor.
He served as Hungarian Ambassador to the United States between 1962 and 1967, when he applied for asylum from the U.S. government
Janos fought the Germans in the partisan underground until the Second World War ended.
Radványi entered diplomatic service in 1947 and was posted in Turkey, France, Switzerland, and Syria.
Radványi was appointed to head the Hungarian Embassy in Washington, D.C. in 1962.
The Ambassador cut complete ties with the Hungarian government in 1967 for political reasons and issued a statement that said in part: “I have always tried to work for peace and better understanding in this troubled world.
Following him receiving political asylum, he and his family moved to California.
Janos received his doctorate in History at Stanford University in 1971.
Just after, he joined the faculty of the History Department at Mississippi State University.
Radványi founded and directed the Center for International Security and Strategic Studies, in 1982,
He became the first chair holder in June of 1996 of the newly established Endowed Chair for International Security and Strategic Studies at Mississippi State University.
Himself and his family were granted American citizenship, in 1978.
János Radványi passed away at 93 yrs old.