Jane Thompson, American designer and architect, Died at 89


Jane Thompson, (née Fiske) was born on June 30, 1927, and died on August 22, 2016.

She was an American urbanist, designer, and planner,

She has an international career exceeding forty years.

Jane received her education in the fine and applied arts at Vassar College with graduate work at Bennington College and NYU Institute of Fine Arts, her career has been devoted to the interaction of many facets of applied design.

She spent the early years of her career in the Museum of Modern Art, becoming acting Assistant Curator in the Department of Architecture.

Which was followed by other positions as an Architecture Editor of Interiors Magazine and as the Founding Editor of Industrial Design (later I.D. International Design.)

During the 1960s, she had been sponsored by Edgar Kaufmann Jr.’s Foundation, she worked with Walter Gropius on an exploration of the creative educational methods of the original Bauhaus;Jane became a partner in architect Ben Thompson’s retail venture, Design Research, during its 60s expansion from Cambridge to New York to California.

Jane became Ben Thompson’s second wife.

She handled programming and planning in Benjamin Thompson & Associates, Architects and Planners (BTA), founded in 1967 in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

She was a partner for planning, Jane headed Thompson’s project teams on large urban planning projects, including the Chicago Navy Pier and Grand Central Business Improvement District.

Jane Thompson passed away at 89 years old.