James Walker, British actor, Died at 76

James Walker was born James S. Chalton in 1940, in Bournemouth and died in 2017.

He was a British actor active in films and on television between 1980 and 2006.

Walker was mostly known between 1992 and 1994 with the Royal Shakespeare Company in Stratford-upon-Avon – including a foreign tour with The Winter’s Tale – and taking the role of Albert Einstein in Terry Johnson’s play Insignificance, in Harrogate in 1999.

Walker grew up in Leeds in Yorkshire.

James was the son of Stuart Chalton, a chartered accountant, and his wife, Alice, known as Molly (née Walker).

Then, he decided to take his mother’s maiden name as a stage name.

He was educated at Sedbergh School and thereafter at Trinity College, Oxford, to study modern languages, graduating in 1961.

Sandra, his wife, was introduced by friends and they married in London in 1986.

He appeared in TV serials including The Secret Adversary, Fairly Secret Army, Howards’ Way, Inspector Morse, and The Shell Seekers.

Walker also had roles in films including Nineteen Eighty-Four, Danny the Champion of the World, and Red Sun Rising.

James Walker passed away at 76 years old.