James Stevenson, American illustrator and author, Died at 87


James Stevenson was born on July 11, 1929, in New York City and died on February 17, 2017.

He was an American illustrator and author of over 100 children’s books.

James Stevenson’s cartoons appear regularly in The New Yorker magazine.

Stevenson usually uses a unique comic book style of illustration that is very recognizable.

James Stevenson’s books, like What’s Under My Bed, have been featured on the Reading Rainbow television series.

Stevenson educated at Yale University, where he was the feature editor of campus humor magazine The Yale Record.

Stevenson’s contributed his first cartoon to The New Yorker on March 10, 1956.

He wrote and illustrated his first book Walker, the Witch, and the Striped Flying Saucer in 1969.

Stevenson had previously illustrated the children’s book If I Owned a Candy Factory (1968) written by his then eight-year-old son, James Walker Stevenson.

James Stevenson passed away at 87 years old.