Jaime Davidovich, Argentine-American artist, Died at 79


Jaime Davidovich was born on September 29, 1936, and died on August 27, 2016.

He was an Argentine-American artist and television-art pioneer.

Jaime Davidovich created innovative artworks and art-making activities produced several distinct professional reputations including painter, installation artist, video artist, Public-access television cable TV producer, activist, and non-profit organizer.

Jaime Davidovich was the creator of legendary downtown Manhattan cable television program The Live! Show (1979–1984).

He was billed as “the variety show of the avant-garde”, The Live! Show was an eclectic half-hour of live, interactive artistic entertainment inspired by the Dada performance club Cabaret Voltaire and the anarchic humor of American television comedian Ernie Kovacs.

Davidovich recent exhibitions include “Museum of Television Culture” (2013) and “Wooster Projects” (2012) at Churner and Churner, New York.

Jaime Davidovich passed away at 79 years old.