Jadranka Stojaković, Bosnian singer-songwriter, Died at 65

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Jadranka Stojaković was born on July 24, 1950, and died on May 3, 2016.

She was a Sarajevo-born Yugoslav singer-songwriter popular in the former Yugoslavia,

Jadranka was known for her unique voice.

Jadranka most popular hits are “Sve smo mogli mi”, “Što te nema” and “Bistre vode Bosnom teku”.

During the 1984 Winter Olympics, which was held in her native Sarajevo, Stojaković sang the official theme song of the Games.

During that same period, Stojaković was awarded the prize for SFR Yugoslavia’s best artist.

Stojaković was mingling with the country’s most talented and admired singers and songwriters.

She lived in Japan from 1988 until 2011.

Jadranka Stojaković suffered an accident on stage, in 2009, after tripping over a cable during a concert.

However, Jadranka Stojaković was diagnosed as having Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis aka ALS, motor neuron disease.

Jadranka Stojaković passed away at 65 yrs old.