Jack Pope, American judge, attorney and author, Died at 103

Andrew Jackson Pope, Jr., known as Jack Pope was born on April 18, 1913, and died on February 25, 2017

He was an American judge, attorney, author and legal scholar who served as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Texas.

He held the record of the longest sitting justice in Texas Supreme Court history, having served for 38 years.

At his 100th birthday, he was the oldest living former Chief Justice of any supreme court in the United States, as well as the longest living chief justice of any supreme court of any state in United States history.

His parents were Dr. Andrew Jackson Pope, Sr., a physician, and Ruth Adelia Taylor, a native of Nebraska.

In his early years, he was a student editor of the Texas Law Review at the University of Texas School of Law, graduating with a Bachelor of Laws degree and in 1937 was licensed by the bar.

During 1938, Pope married Allene Nichols, an elementary school teacher and graduate from the University of Texas whom he met while attending law school, they had two sons.

When he had retired in 1985, Pope had written over 700 opinions for the Supreme Court, ith an additional 500 opinions as a district judge and court of appeals justice.

He did many other works and contributed so much in his career, he will be remembered.

Jack Pope passed away at 103 years old.