Iwo Cyprian Pogonowski, Polish-born writer and inventor, Died at 94

Iwo Cyprian Pogonowski was born on September 3, 1921, and died on July 21, 2016.

He was a Polish-born writer and inventor.

As a inventor, he has over 50 patents to his credit.

Pogonowski was a civil and industrial engineer by profession, educated in Poland, Belgium, and the United States.

Pogonowski was also a writer on Polish and European history, author of historical atlases, and lexicographer.

Pogonowski compiled several dictionaries, including the 1990 Polish-English, English-Polish Standard Dictionary, which was reprinted in 1993, 1994, and 1997.

Iwo Cyprian Pogonowski has published an illustrated history of Poland (2000), historical atlases of Poland, and a work on Polish heraldry (2002).

An Illustrated History (Hippocrene 2008) was reviewed in The Slavic and East European Journal (2010, vol. 54, no. 1), by Professor Tony H. Lin of the University of California, Berkeley.

Iwo Cyprian Pogonowski passed away at 94 years old.