Italian painter Getulio Alviani, Died at 78


Getulio Alviani was born on 5 September 1939 in Udine and died on 24 February 2018 in Milan.

He was an Italian painter based in Milan.

Alviani was considered to be an important International Optical – kinetic artist.

His works are actively traded in Italian and international modern art auctions, such as the “Italian sales” held in London by Christie’s and Sotheby’s.

Additionally to his works the most appreciated by the market are the “Superfici a testura variabile” where the polished aluminium reflects the light in different hues according to the angle at which they are viewed.

His other works are the “chromodynamic surfaces”, where primary colour interactions are studied, and his “mirrors” with their illusion of rings created on reflecting metal surfaces.

He was the author of a book on Josef Albers (1988).

Alviani also edited with Giancarlo Pauletto a book on Michel Seuphor (1987) and contributed with his photographs to a book of Pauletto and Margaret A. Miller on Richard Anuszkiewicz (1988).

He died at 78 years old.