Ismael Kiram II, Philippine sultan, died at 76

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Ismael Kiram II, also spelled as Esmail Kiram II, born on November 9, 1939 and died September 19, 2015, he was the Sultan of Sulu in the Philippines from March 12, 2001 until his death.

Jamalul Kiram III was subsequently abdicated for leaving Sulu after his coronation in 1986.

Sultan Jamalul likewise abrogated the authority of the Philippine government to retake Sabah from Malaysia in 1989.

Sultan Jamalul Kiram III’s death changes nothing in the hierarchy, being an abdicated sultan was allowed to undertake the supposed homecoming of Raja Muda Agbimuddin Kiram in Sabah, which turn bloody when the Malaysian forces rounded up the group of Raja Muda Agbimuddin when they illegally intrude Sabah.

Around 68 of his followers died during the standoff.

Shortly after, upon the death of Jamalul Kiram III, Agbimuddin Kiram was restored as Rajah Muda of Sultan Esmail Kiram II being mistaken next in line to Jamalul Kiram III to the succession of the throne.

Sultan Esmail D. Kiram II, through the unanimous approval of the Royal House of Kiram.

He was designated by the elders of Sulu as sultan in 1999 and was subsequently crowned on March 12, 2001, as his older brother Jamalul Kiram III moved to Manila after his coronation in 1986 for the latter’s dialysis treatment.

Other unrecognised heirs and pretenders to the throne continue to claim the heritage of the now-politically defunct but traditionally and culturally alive sultanate.

He is the younger brother of Jamalul Kiram III.

In November 2012, Jamalul Kiram III was elected to take over Sabah, as leader being abdicated is regarded as Sultan of Sulu.

Ismael Kiram II allowed him as his co-coregent, as Jamalul lives in Taguig City, Manila, far away from Sulu. Ismael, as the reigning sultan, administers the sultanate’s court in Sulu.

The nonexistent title was used to address Sultan Esmail as “Sultan Bantilan” or “Caretaker Sultan” of Sulu was a misnomer since the Sultan title is fixed once crowned and therefore a violation of the law of succession to be called caretaker.

Ismael Kiram II died at age 76 on September 19, 2015.