Irving Fields, American pianist, Died at 101

Irving Fields was born on August 4, 1915, in New York City and died on August 20, 2016.

He was an American pianist and lounge music artist.

Fields most noteworthy compositions include “Miami Beach Rhumba”; “Managua, Nicaragua”; and “Chantez, Chantez,” covered by Dinah Shore in 1957.

Between November 1, 1954, to January 3, 1955, he and his orchestra appeared on the DuMont Television Network series The Ilona Massey Show, hosted by Ilona Massey.

His most famous album is Bagels & Bongos (1959), recorded for Decca Records with his trio, which sold two million copies.

During the next year, he released the sequel More Bagels & Bongos, which was reissued on CD in 2009 by Roman Midnight Music under the direct creative advisement of 94-year-old Fields, the only reissue commissioned directly by Irving.

Irving Fields passed away at 101 years old.