Irv Ungerman, Canadian boxing manager, Died at 92

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Irv Ungerman was born on February 1, 1923, and died October 27, 2015.

He was a Canadian boxing manager for George Chuvalo and Clyde Gray; and a promoter, poultry executive and philanthropist.

He was a Jewish, who immigrated to Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

His parents ran several businesses, starting with a small kosher butcher shop and culminating in large poultry and egg store.

Irv learned to box as a teenager, and became a city boxing champion at the age of 15.

Mr Irv made his name as a boxing promoter and manager, in 1973 the first person ever elected to the Canadian Boxing Hall of Fame.

He instituted boxing on Canadian closed-circuit television in the early 1960s and was responsible for establishing Canada’s Friday Night at the Fights on commercial TV.

He also served on the 1972 organizing committee that developed the inaugural hockey series between Team Canada and the Soviet National Team.

And he was a key figure on the organizing committee responsible for bringing Major League Baseball to Toronto.

He is one of Canada’s most ardent supporters of amateur and professional sport.

He was inducted into the International Jewish Sports Hall of Fame.

Irv Ungerman has been a long-time supporter of numerous organizations throughout Ontario, including the Salvation Army, Variety Village, the Reena Foundation, the Hospital for Sick Children and Mount Sinai Hospital as well as an active fundraiser and patron of the arts.

He is also the director of the Santa Claus Parade.

He was awarded the Order of Ontario in 2000.

Irv passed away at age 91 in October 2015.