Ingeborg Rapoport, German pediatrician, Died at 104

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Ingeborg Rapoport was born on September 2, 1912 and died on March 23, 2017.

She was a German pediatrician

She was a prominent figure in East German medicine and, at age 102, the oldest person to receive a Doctorate degree.

She studied medicine in Hamburg in Nazi-Germany, but was denied a medical degree because her mother was Jewish.

In 1938, Rapoport fled Nazi persecution and emigrated to the United States, where she completed her education in medicine.

During the early 1950s, as a result of an investigation of her and her husband for un-American activities, Rapoport left the United States and eventually, after staying in Vienna for a year, moved to the GDR (East Germany).

Rapoport became the first chair of neonatology in whole Germany and retired in 1973.

Ingeborg was married to Samuel Mitja Rapoport, whom she met in Cincinnati.

Together they had four children.

Ingeborg Rapoport passed away at 104 years old.