Inge Keller, German actress, Died at 93


Inge Keller was born on December 15, 1923 and died on February 6, 2017.

She was a German stage and film actress.

She career on stage and screen spanned seventy years.

Keller was one of the most prominent performers in the former German Democratic Republic.

Additionally, Thomas Langhoff described her as “perhaps the most famous actress of the German Democratic Republic—a star,”-Deutschlandradio Kultur reporter Dieter Kranz called her “a theater legend”.

Internationally, Keller was known for her portrayal of the older Lilly Wust in the Golden Globe nominated Aimée & Jaguar.

Keller won the Award for the Best Supporting Actress in the 36th International Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival for her participation in the film Lola and Billy the Kid.

During 2006, she received the Order of Merit of Berlin from Mayor Klaus Wowereit.

Inge Keller passed away at 93 years old.