Imrich Gablech, Czech pilot, Died at 100

Imrich Gablech was born November 4, 1915. He was a Czech pilot.

He was a veteran of the September campaign, where he fought in Polish Air Force, honoured with Order of the White Eagle.

Imrich was the Son of Daniel and Anna Gablech.

His father was a farmer, he had six siblings.

Imrich graduated from high school in New Town over Váhom and in 1936 enlisted in the army.

Imrich studied at the school of pilots in Cheb and then in Prościejowie.

After Gablech graduation, he served in the 3rd Regiment of the airport in Piestany.

In 1939, together with 7 other soldiers hijacked four airplanes (3 Letov Š-328 and Aero Ab-101.), and fled to the Polish.
Among the other pilots were Jozef Káňa, Ján Lazar and Jozef Hrala, he was drafted into the Polish Air Force.

On September 18 he was captured by the Soviets and was imprisoned in the camps.

Gablech managed to escape from the camp and on to Britain in 1941.

Gablech tried to return to his pilot career, but due to ill health, Gablech had to take a job as a flight controller.

When the war was over he returned to his country, but he was harassed by the news authorities.

Imrich was discharged from the army in 1948.

In 1970 Imrich retired and lived in Havlíčkův Brod

In 2005 he published a book Hello, airfield – control, go-ahed.

Imrich Gablech won many honours, including Order of the White Lion III Class (military) – Czech Republic, 2009, Czechoslovak Military Medal “For merits” Second Grade, in 1945, The Cross of Valour (PSZnZach) – Poland, 1944 and many more.

Imrich Gablech passed away at 100 years old.