Igor Pashkevich, Soviet-born Russian Olympic figure skater, Died at 44


Igor Anatolyevich Pashkevich was born on July 1, 1971, and on March 26, 2016.

He was a figure skating coach and competitor.

Igor was the 1990 World Junior champion for the Soviet Union and the 1996 European silver medalist for Russia. He competed at the 1994 Lillehammer Olympics for Russia and the 1998 Nagano Olympics for Azerbaijan.

During his early career, Mr.Pashkevich competed for the Soviet Union and won gold at the 1990 World Junior Championships in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Igor Pashkevich represented Russia following the Soviet breakup. He placed 14th at his first senior ISU Championship, the 1993 World Championships in Prague, Czech Republic.

Pashkevich competed at the 1994, the Winter Olympics in Lillehammer, Norway, finishing 15th.

In the following month, he placed 9th at the 1994 World Championships in Chiba, Japan.

His final season for Russia in 1995-96, he won gold at the 1995 Finlandia Trophy, silver at the 1995 NHK Trophy, and silver at the 1996 European Championships.

Igor Pashkevich passed away at 44 yrs old in Miami.