Icami Tiba, Psychiatrist and writer, Died at 74

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Dead, Icami Tiba born 15 March of 1941 and died August 2, 2015, he was a medical psychiatrist, psychodramatist, columnist, writer of books on family and education and speaker Brazil.

Teacher in several courses in Brazil and abroad, created the theory of relational integration, which facilitates the understanding and application of psychology for parents and educators.

As Tiba speaker also has made ​​more than 3,200 appearances gender events, both in Brazil and in other countries.

Son of Japanese immigrants who had arrived in Brazil, due to the difficulties that came as a result of wartime that Japan passed.

Her parents arrived in Brazil in 1936, along with other family members.

His parents built in Tapirai, a masonry warehouse, called “Casa Tiba – Dry and Wet”.

And the funds that establishment was the house of Tiba family and also the birthplace of Içami, where he lived with his parents, siblings, grandparents and a few little brothers of his father.

He dreamed to be a truck driver, but inspired by doctor of the city of Piedade , Dr. Imamura, decided to be a doctor when it was meet his family in Tapiraí. He graduated in medicine by the University of Sao Paulo , in 1968.

Then he specialized in psychiatry the Clinical Hospital of the same university, where he was assistant professor for seven years.