Ian Howard Marshall, Scottish theologian, Died at 81

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Ian Howard Marshall was born on January 12, 1934, and died on December 12, 2015.

He was a Scottish academic.

Ian was Professor Emeritus of New Testament Exegesis at the University of Aberdeen, Scotland.

He was formerly the chair of the Tyndale Fellowship for Biblical and Theological Research; Ian was also president of the British New Testament Society and chair of the Fellowship of European Evangelical Theologians.

Ian Marshall identified as an Evangelical Methodist.

He was the author of numerous publications, including 2005 Gold Medallion Book Award winner New Testament Theology.

Having become a widower in 1998, Ian later married Dr. Maureen Wing Sheung Yeung, former president of Evangel Seminary, Hong Kong.

Ian Howard Marshall passed away at age 81 in December 2015.