Ian Greer, British political lobbyist, Died at 82


Ian Greer was born in June 5, 1933, in London and died on November 4, 2015.
He was a British political lobbyist.
Ian attended Cranbrook College in Essex and Victoria School in Glasgow,
He joined the Conservative Central Office in 1956 as its youngest ever agent at 24 yrs old.
Ian was living in London in a home with direct access to Richmond Park, where he enjoyed long walks with his much beloved poodle, “Sir Humphrey”.
In 1966, he left CCO to become director of the Mental Health Trust, setting up a national network to campaign for government to be involved in combating mental illness.
Ian established IGA in 1980.
He left the UK to live in South Africa for 16 yrs.
He started a charity in the Western Cape called the Helderberg Street People’s Centre, with his partner Clive Ferreira.
This NGO provided food, clothing, medical and other practical help to some of South Africa’s poorest citizens.
Ian supported HIV/AIDS orphans and their carers, as well as adults who were infected or affected by the virus.
Ian was an only child to his parents Bramwell and Janet Greer.
He left behind his partner of thirty-three years, Clive Ferreira, with whom he entered into a civil partnership in 2006.
Ian Greer passed away at age 82 November 4, 2015, he accidentally fell whilst shopping fracturing his skull and dying from internal head wounds.