Howard Green, Pioneer in Skin Regeneration, Died at 90


Howard Green was born on September 10, 1925, in Toronto, Ontario and died October 13, 2015, in Massachusettes.

He was a Pioneer in Skin Regeneration.

Howard was credited with developing the first therapeutic application of cultured cells.

In his research he used keratinocytes for the regeneration of epidermis on severely burned patients.

Howard used his laboratory for the first major growth of skin cells.

He was head of the Department of Cellular and Molecular Physiology at HMS in 1980 and served in that role until 1993.

At Harvard Medical School, Howard was George Higginson Professor of Cell Biology

His book on Therapy with Cultured Cells was published in 2010.

Howard developed a line of fibroblast cells called 3T3.

In 2007, Howard was awarded, Blaise Pascal Award in Medical and Life Sciences of the European Academy of Sciences.

Howard was given the March of Dimes Prize in Developmental Biology in 2012.

His research contributed to many other studies in his subject area.

Howard Green passed away at 90 years old.