Honey Chhaya, Indian film director and actor, Died at 85

Honey Chhaya was born in 1930, and died on February 28, 2016.

He was Indian writer, actor and director.

Honey directed and acted in both Hindi and Gujarati films and plays.

Chhaya started his acting career in 1944.

Originally he acted in street plays spreading messages of Indian independence movement.

Then, he started producing plays for Indian People’s Theatre Association.

Honey Chhaya had long career association with Salim Khan whom he assisted in film writing.

Chhaya was also a business secretary of Salman Khan and served a significant role in building his career.

Honey Chhaya directed several Gujarati films and plays.

Honey Chhaya brought Vayeda-Paresh Daru in production design career.

The actor wrote column on forensic science in Gujarati weekly, Janmabhoomi Pravasi. He acted in several TV commercials.

Honey was married to Manisha.

Chhaya had a son, Bibhas Chhaya and a daughter, Neerja.

Bibhas Chhaya was associated with the film production company of Salman Khan.

Honey Chhaya passed away at 85 yrs old.