Hiroki Matsukata, Japanese actor, Died at 74

Kōju Meguro was born on July 23, 1942, and died on January 21, 2017.

He was better known by his stage name Hiroki Matsukata (松方 弘樹 Matsukata Hiroki)

He was a Japanese actor.

Matsukata was the son of jidaigeki actor Jūshirō Konoe and actress Yaeko Mizukawa and has a younger brother Yūki Meguro who is also an actor.

His ex-wife actress Akiko Nishina, whom he had two children; son Masaki Nishina and daughter Hitomi Nishina are both in the entertainment industry.

He was hospitalized for a possible brain tumor on February 23, 2016.

Subsequently, he canceled several entertainment appearances.

It was announced that Matsukata had been diagnosed with brain lymphoma, on March 2.

He died due to complications from his lymphoma.

Hiroki Matsukata passed away at 74 years old.