Hillar Kärner, Estonian chess player, Died at 81


Hillar Kärner was born on July 27, 1935, in Tallinn, Estonia and died on February 19, 2017.

He was an Estonian chess player.

Hillar was a seven times won the Estonian Chess Championship, International Master (1980).

He had graduated from the secondary school in Tallinn.

During 1951, Hillar won Estonian school children chess championship.

He had won Estonian rural sports associations chess championships, twice (1965, 1966).

During 1964 became a Soviet Master and in 1980 was fulfilled FIDE International Master norm in chess tournament in Bulgaria.

During 1980 shared 1st place in Riga Cup.

He was the author of his book.

Hillar Kärner passed away at 81 years old.