Helen Delich Bentley, American politician, Died at 92


Helen Delich Bentley was born on November 28, 1923, in Ruth, Nevada and died on August 6, 2016.
She was an American politician.
Helen was a Republican member of the United States House of Representatives from Maryland from 1985 to 1995.
Prior to entering politics, she had been a leading maritime reporter and journalist.
Bently parents were immigrant Serbians, and her father was a miner.
Bentley was 8 years old when her father died of silicosis, a common miner’s disease, and Bentley took a part time job in a dress shop while her mother took in boarders to support the family.
During at high school, she had her first experiences of journalism and politics while working on the weekly newspaper of Ely, Nevada, which was published by Republican state legislator Charles Russell.
Bently won scholarships to study a BA in journalism at the University of Missouri, graduating in 1944.
In university, Helen worked on the Senate campaign for Republican James D. Scrugham, and was appointed his Senate secretary.
William Roy Bentley was her husband, who died in 2003 from a stroke.
They had no children.
She died at her home in Timonium, Maryland due to brain cancer.
Helen Delich Bentley passed away at 92 years old.