Héctor Zumbado, Cuban writer and comedian, Died at 84

Héctor Zumbado Argueta was born on March 19, 1932, and died on June 6, 2016.

He was also known as H. Zumbado, was a Cuban writer, journalist, critic, humorist, and essayist.

It was reported that he once said, “humor is a weapon, because it criticizes and exposes at the same time, and does so with a smile, Then that who is targeted cannot get too angry.” (Prosas en ajiaco, p. 237).

Héctor published: Limonada (Lemonade), 1978; Amor a primer añejo, 1980; Riflexiones (a portmanteau word that could be translated as Riflections), 1980; Prosas en ajiaco (Proses on pottage), 1984; El American Way (The American Way), 1981; ¡Esto le zumba!, 1981; and Kitsch, Kitsch, ¡BANG, BANG!, 1988.

Héctor has written for several Cuban and foreign press publications, like Juventud Rebelde and the magazine Bohemia.

Héctor Zumbado has worked with publications of Chile, Uruguay, Dominican Republic, Algeria, India, Norway, and the former GDR (German Democratic Republic), among others (3).

During 2000, Héctor Zumbado was the first person to be awarded the Cuban National Humor Award.

Héctor Zumbado passed away at 84 yrs old.