Harold Rosen, American electrical engineer, Died at 90


Harold A. Rosen was born on March 20, 1926 and died on January 30, 2017.

He was an American electrical engineer.

He was known as “the father of the geostationary satellite”, and “father of the communications satellite”.

Rosen formed and led the team that designed and built the first geosynchronous communications satellite, Syncom, for Hughes Aircraft Company.

He graduated from Tulane University in 1947 with a Bachelor of Engineering degree in electrical engineering.

Rosen received his M.S. (1948) and Ph.D. (1951) in electrical engineering from the California Institute of Technology.

At graduate school, he began working for Raytheon, where he helped develop early anti-aircraft guided missiles, making many innovations in the fields of radar and missile guidance and control.

Harold A. Rosen passed away at 90 years old.