Harold Hillman, British scientist, Died at 85


Harold Hillman was born on August 26, 1930, in London, and died on August 5, 2016.

He was a British scientist and an expert in the neurobiology of execution methods.

He was Reader in Physiology at the University of Surrey from 1965 until 1989, when he took early retirement after being threatened with loss of tenure.

Hilman wrote in 1996 that “I believe that I am the only tenured academic in Britain who has lost his tenure because of his or her scientific views.”

During 1997 he was awarded the Ig Nobel Peace Prize for his report “The Possible Pain Experienced During Execution by Different Methods.”

He died of heart failure.

Harold was survived by his wife, their children and grandchildren.

Harold Hillman passed away at 85 years old.