Hans Mühlethaler, Swiss writer, Died at 86


Hans Mühlethaler was born on July 9, 1930, and died on September 17, 2016.

He was a Swiss writer.

He was a teacher in the Emmental and in the city of Bern, later a freelance writer and secretary of the Gruppe Olten.

Mühlethaler’s play An der Grenze (theatre of the absurd) was premiered in 1963 at the Schauspielhaus Zurich under the direction of Karl Suter and published by Hans Rudolf Hilty in his literary magazine Hortulus.

He had written his poems Zutreffendes ankreuzen, Mühlethaler was awarded the Literature Prize of the Canton of Bern in 1968.

Mühlethaler has written novels and nonfiction and is a member of the Association of Authors of Switzerland.

Mühlethaler lived in Bern.

He was married and has five children.

Hans Mühlethaler passed away at 86 years old.