Gunaram Khanikar, Indian herbalist, Died at 66

Gunaram Khanikar/গুণৰাম খনিকৰ was born on March 22, 1949, in Chakordhora, Golaghat district, Assam, India and died on January 8, 2016, in Guwahati, Assam, India.

He was an herbal medicinal expert from Assam, India.

Gunaram Khanikar was and is still one of the most distinguish names in the field of herbal medicines.

He was known to cure more than 3 lakh patients from different parts of the world such as Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Japan, Middle East and southeast Asia.

The famous herbalist’s birthday is observed as Medicinal Plants day in Assam, India (March 22).

Dr. Khanikar received numerous awards for his variation of discovery in herbal medicine and around 30 books, most of them in Assamese, including one of the most successful of these “Sahaj Labhya Ban Darober Goon”, and will be translated into English.

Gunaram Khanikar has also written over around 630 odd articles in different magazines.

Mr. Khanikar was also the head of an NGO called The Regional Research and Training Center for Indian traditional Treatment (RRTCITT).

Dr Gunaram Khanikar was conferred with Most prominent Assamese of the Year by a leading satellite news channel of Assam in 2013 and is known to authored the first Herbal Dictionary.

He was the founder of the Indian Regional Mutual Treatment and Research Centre and the Gunaram Khanikar Foundation at his residence to take herbal medicine to the general people.

He was a researcher of multiple herbal medicines of numerous medicinal plants and came up with cures for even critical diseases, pioneering a silent revolution in the field.

During the year 2001, Yemaneh Open University bestowed on him Masters in Yamanehpathic (MY) with the gold medal and a Ph.D degrees.

Mr. Khanikar received a national award from the Ahmedabad National Innovation Foundation for his research on malaria, blood pressure and diabetes in 2001.

His book ‘Xahajlabhya Bon Dorobor Gun’ is a household name in Assam.

Other countries that supply his herbal medicines are Thailand, Nepal, China, Canada, Germany, Australia and Columbia.