Gregorio Conrado Álvarez, Uruguayan politician, Died at 91


Gregorio Conrado Álvarez Armelino was born on November 26, 1925, in Montevideo and died on December 28, 2016.
He was a retired Uruguayan general and former dictator.
Álvarez served as the de facto president of Uruguay from 1981 until 1985 and was the last surviving President of the civic-military dictatorship of Uruguay.
He entered the Uruguayan military academy in 1940.
Gregorio Conrado Álvarez became chief of the mounted police in Montevideo in 1962.
During 1971, Álvarez was promoted to general and then named chief of Esmaco, the Combined Armed Forces Command that ran the counterinsurgency operation against the Tupamaros (urban guerrillas).
Gregorio Conrado Álvarez passed away at 91 years old.