Graham Webb, British racing cyclist, Died at 73


Graham Paul Webb was born on January 13, 1944, and died on May 31, 2017.

He was an English racing cyclist.

Webb became the world amateur road race champion in 1967.

His reply to a journalist’s shouted comment that the last British amateur world road champion had been Dave Marsh 45 years earlier, Webb retorted: “And they’ll have to wait another 45 years before another British rider wins.” Not only did no British man win a world road race championship in the following 45 years, but none can now win the amateur championship as the segregation between amateur and professional cycling no longer exists.

He was the youngest of five children brought up by a war widow in a slum in Birmingham, England.

He was given the last rites twice as a child before gaining his health.

Reportedly he was acknowledged by his hometown, Birmingham, in 2007 on the web site, as a famous ‘Brummie’.

Graham Webb passed away at 73 years old.