Gotlib, French comics artist, Died at 82


Marcel Gottlieb was born on July 14, 1934, in Paris and died on on December 4, 2016.

He was known professionally as Gotlib.

He was a French comics artist/writer and publisher.

He worked on his own and the magazines co-founded by him, L’Écho des savanes and Fluide Glacial, he was a key figure in the switch in French-language comics from their children’s entertainment roots to an adult tone and readership.

Gotlib’s series include La Rubrique-à-Brac, Gai-Luron, Superdupont, and Hamster Jovial.

Marcel Gotlieb was born to Jewish parents.

Gotlib’s father, Ervin, of Romanian origin, was a house painter and his mother, Regine, a seamstress of Hungarian descent.

During 1942 Gotlib’sfather was deported and died at Buchenwald after their building’s concierge obligingly helped policemen to find him, a scene which made a strong impression on young Marcel.

Gotlib’s mother sent him to hide for the rest of the war on a farm, where he was poorly treated.

Marcel Gottlieb passed away at 82 years old.