Gösta Ekman, Swedish actor and director, Died at 77


Hans Gösta Gustaf Ekman was born on July 28, 1939, in Stockholm, Sweden and died on April 1, 2017.

He was a Swedish actor, comedian, and director.

Ekman was the son of the director Hasse Ekman and Agneta (née Wrangel).

He represents the third generation in a family of prominent Swedish actors.

Initially, in the line was his paternal grandfather, also named Gösta Ekman, followed by his father Hasse Ekman, a successful film director and actor.

His theatrical family also includes his brothers Stefan Ekman and Mikael Ekman, a stage director, and his niece, Sanna Ekman, an actress.

Ekman has been married since 1989 to artist and film director Marie-Louise Ekman, previously Marie-Louise De Geer Bergenstråhle, née Fuchs.

He sometimes appears in credits as Gösta Ekman, Jr. to avoid being confused with his famous grandfather.

Ekman was an assistant director to Per-Axel Branner, Hasse Ekman, Stig Olin, Bengt Ekerot and Ingmar Bergman from 1956 to 1961.

Ekman was married 1963–1974 to Karl Gerhard’s adopted daughter Fatima Svendsen (born 1944) with whom he has the son Måns Ekman (born 1964).

Eventurally, Ekaman was in 1979-1987 married to Pia Harahap (born 1955), with whom he has two adopted children.

Then in 1989 he got married to Marie-Louise Ekman (born 1944).

Gösta Ekman passed away at 77 years old.