Gordon Honeycombe, author and actor, Dies at 79

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Ronald Gordon Honeycombe, born on September 27, 1936 and died October 9, 2015.

Gordon was a British author, playwright and stage actor, well-known in the United Kingdom as a national television newscaster.

Gordon Honeycombe was born in Karachi, in the British Raj, and educated at the Edinburgh Academy and at University College, Oxford, from which he graduated with an MA in English.

Gordon undertook National Service with the Royal Artillery, mainly in Hong Kong, where he was also an announcer with Radio Hong Kong.

Returning to the UK, he embarked on an acting career which led to television and public prominence as a national newscaster.

As a newscaster, Gordon always seemed warm but stern while on-screen.

Off camera, he was a flamboyant, fun-loving character with a devilish sense of humour.

Gordon later settled in Perth, Western Australia, where he continued to work in radio, television and theatre, and was regularly engaged in voice-over work for radio and television, and in documentary narrations.

Gordon Honeycombe passed away on October 9, 2015.