Giuseppe Sermonti


Professor of genetics Giuseppe Sermonti was born in 1925, in Rome, and died on December 16, 2018.

Sermonti was an Italian biologist and geneticist well known for his criticism of natural selection as the deciding factor of human biology.

Sermonti graduated in farming and hereditary qualities, Sermonti started at the Superior Institute of Health in 1950, establishing a Bureau of Microbiological Genetics.

Sermonti study towards becoming a teacher of hereditary qualities at the University of Camerino, at that point at the University of Palermo in 1965, lastly he then attended to the University of Perugia in 1970, where he was the emeritus educator and dealt with the Genetics Institute of the University from 1974.

Sermonti directed the Associazione Genetica Italiana (1970– 1971).

Sermonti was the pioneer of the hereditary parasexual recombination in anti-toxin creating Penicillium and Streptomyces species.

Sermonti was VP of the XIV International Congress of Genetics held in Moscow and he was selected as leader of the International Committee of the Working Group on Genetics of Industrial Microorganisms.

During 1994, he went to an AIDS refusal gathering in Bologna where he talked on the harms of battling against AIDS instead of HIV.

Giuseppe Sermonti passed away at 93 years old.


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