Ghazanfar Roknabadi, Iranian diplomat, Died at 49

Ghazanfar Mohammad Asl Roknabadi was born on March 21, 1966, in Qom, Iran, and died on September 24, 2015, in Mecca, Saudi Arabia.

Ghazanfar was an Iranian diplomat, who served as Iranian ambassador to Lebanon from 2010 to 2014.

He attended the Imam Sadiq University, where he received his masters and the Lebanese University to complete his PhD.

Ghazanfar Roknabadi was the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 1990, and served in the following positions; ChargĂ© d’affaires and Deputy Ambassador to Syria, the Spokesman for the Iranian Gaza Reconstruction Committee, the President of the Committee for the Support of the Islamic Revolution in Palestine.

He was also the first Secretary, Embassy of Iran, Lebanon, the Head of the Middle East and Persian Gulf section, as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the minister Ambassador to Lebanon

Ghazanfar was allegedly confirmed to have died in the 2015 Mina disaster which killed at least 2,262 people.

An Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman commented on Saudi media reports that said there was no official record that Ghazanfar Asl Roknabadi entered Saudi Arabia, on 28 September 2015.

Allegedly, she said the reports were “incorrect” and “hasty”, noting the ministry has documents showing that an ordinary Hajj visa had been approved for the deceased diplomat.

The Iranian media had said to also release footage on 29 September, showing Roknabadi’s presence in Mina.

Ghazanfar Roknabadi passed away at 49 yrs old.