Gerhard Wimberger, Austrian composer, Died at 93


Gerhard Wimberger was born on August 30, 1923, and died in October 2016.

He was an Austrian composer and conductor from Vienna.

He studied at the Mozarteum in Salzburg.

Wimberger’s teachers were Cesar Bresgen and Johann Nepomuk David for composition, and Clemens Krauss and Bernhard Paumgartner for conducting.

Following World War II, in which he served in the army, he worked as vocal coach at the Vienna Volksoper, then as conductor at the Salzburg Theatre, before becoming a teacher for conducting and composition at the Mozarteum.

A few of his many pupils were Klaus Ager, Sergio Cárdenas, Dieter Lehnhoff, and Gerd Kühr.

He also served as member of the directory of the Salzburg Festival, and as president of the Austrian Composers’ Association AKM.

Gerhard Wimberger passed away at 93 years old.