George Pernicano, American businessman, Died at 98

George Pernicano was born on December 12, 1917, and died on October 6, 2016.

He was an American businessman.

Himself and Barron Hilton and other prominent San Diegans, brought the Chargers to San Diego from Los Angeles in 1961.

Georges originally owned 7% of the team, but later held 3%. On Sept 8, 1996, he was inducted into the Chargers’ Hall of Fame.

He has attended every home game in 48 years and has only missed 2 away games, one for his grandson’s wedding and one recently due to health issues.

During 1960, Pernicano opened Casa di Baffi in San Diego’s Hillcrest neighborhood.

Which closed in the early 80’s and remains vacant.

However, the City officials and neighboring business have expressed frustration over Pernicano’s refusal to sell or redevelop the property.

George Pernicano passed away at 98 years old.