George McLean, Canadian journalist and anchorman, Died at 92

George McLean was born in 1923, in Brandon, Manitoba and died in March 2016

He was a Canadian television journalist.

George was best known for his work as a TV anchor for the CBC.

His family relocated to Manchester, England in 1929.

George was educated in the United Kingdom and joined the Royal Air Force during World War II.

Then he transferred to the Royal Canadian Air Force in 1944 and returned to Canada following the end of the war.

He married his first wife, Majorie, in 1947 and who died in 1982.

George McLean second marriage to Barabara Quick in 1987 lasted until his deathIn 1946 he joined CJRL radio in Kenora, Ontario and in 1952 became news editor at CKRC in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

During 1953, McLean became the chief announcer at CKOK in Penticton, British Columbian 1956 he joined the CBC in Vancouver as a staff announcer for CBC Television.

George McLean was transferred to Toronto and became a regular backup for hosting national newscasts including The National, a role which he performed until 1986 when he retired from the CBC.

He was also the regular host of Saturday Report, the Saturday evening national newscast.

McLean proceeded to do occasional voice-over work after his retirement and golf in his spare time.

He relocated to Lagoon City in Ramara, Ontario and died in a Toronto hospital in March 2016.

George McLean passed away at 92 yrs old.