George Hadjinikos, musician, Died at 92


George Hadjinikos was born on May 3, 1923, and died on November 29, 2015.

He was a Greek piano soloist, conductor, teacher, and author with an international career.

George is placed by many amongst the most exceptional “philosophers of Music”.

Since 1961, George was a UK resident and following that a British citizen, and he shared his time between England and Greece.

George was born in in Volos, Greece in 1923.

He began his musical education as a child at the Volos Conservatoire in Greece.

After moving to Athens in 1934, George continued at the Athens Conservatoire, graduating in 1943 with a piano diploma and a degree in harmony.

During this period he decided to abandon his studies at the Faculty of Law at the University of Athens (where he had passed as 5th in 1940) and devote himself exclusively to music.

George Hadjinikos passed away at age 92 in November 2015.